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Artificial Intelligence for Policy

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We are a team of interdisciplinary researchers focused on developing AI applications for policy making in economics & trade, agriculture, technology, healthcare, law, and transportation. Our work is focused on providing actionable insights to decision makers and policy analysts through data-driven algorithms. Deploying AI methods across different domains have assisted in providing intelligent solutions to persisting problems, for example: international trade policies, defining customer behavioral trends, and improving the quality of service at hospitals. However, throughout these deployments, serious show-stopper problems are still unresolved: the lack of context in datasets, data democratization, blind spots in data collection, data validation, hidden data bias, dataset incompleteness, and adversarial attacks. Our research services are at the intersection of these issues.

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George Mason University
College of Science MSN 6C3
Research Hall #244
4400 University Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030